If the Singapore Branch of four oil companies falls down, the domestic aviation oil import will be c The ghost face sighed deeply. The huge black lotus carried them through thousands of miles undergrou Hateful Zhu Yu, who was originally a monster in heaven, is now qualified to be equal with him, which However, that is only compared with the periphery of this clan capital! "Child, slow down, slow down, I have here, don't worry, be careful of choking." But once backward, facing the attack of the two men, they must constantly retreat, so that the momen Cheng Chi is absent-minded and takes the mung bean soup. According to legend, a phoenix landed here and left countless treasures. Unfortunately, no one found After picking the fruit, they all went to the depths of the evil Yang house and flew away. After hearing ye CHENFENG's indifferent words, those strong people who came to congratulate him Ye Tianchen looked at the mysterious man and asked coldly. "Well, it's also a problem to live near." "Are they here to surrender? Can't they? There are tens of thousands of people on the top. They Yu lifeI looked at the young man and said suddenly. It's too long to stay there for nine days! "Promise, the end will swear to keep the flag of war and live up to the great trust of the Lord!" "Come on. What's the matter with you? Why are you escorting slaves?" The former shows a trace of fear, the latter shows a trace of joy.

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