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Even though his mind was consumed, he did not stop attacking. When everything was ready, Wang Qinian calmed down a little and signaled that he could fire. Su Yi laughs. Xihe sword breaks away from the God stone, turns into a red light and shoots at Yisu! When the guard at the door saw Yue Chong come up, they were all extremely respectful. They would lik "It's amazing. In just three days, you can master the essence." Seeing a trace of fear in her eyes, Tang Cheng asked. "It's just that some materials of puppet are not easy to repair." Ji embarrassed to lower his head, blushed: "although also know such a thing, but really did not see, Mufeng nodded. At that time, he spent a lot of energy collecting materials for refining the celestia Qin Shuai suddenly changed the topic and said: Therefore, at this time, his goal is to turn the harmony into a magic weapon! We should know that with the strength of Yang Tian and others, we should kill these quarrymen who ha However, the demon master was not honest at this time. Although he was captured alive by Lingyun, he Mo Xin Lan smiles and whispers in Lu Jing's ear: "come to me at night or go to Ye Yan there?" He is a little strange, that strange energy caused by the phagocytosis, also so cured? The wild fox also can't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. No wonder the special ability per "Well, vice commander, shall we remind him?" Among the great powers, the ancient gods were all the most powerful.

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